EOSHD : E-M1 vs GH3 for video

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Re: EOSHD : E-M1 vs GH3 for video

Dr_Jon wrote:

I read it and it makes no sense at all...

You obviously don't know the author of this article. Andrew Reid is the man who puts the Panasonic GH2 in the light. He wrote a nice guidebook on how to shoot with the GH2 and then another for the GH3. It's a nonsense to tell that he write no sense.

The GH3 50Mbps mode is the best one but he talks about the 72 Mbps all-I one that isn't that good. He ignores the EM-1's lack of 50p/60p or that 30p will suck lots in PAL countries... Throw in the GM1 post and I think I'm not taking them seriously again... (They are so different to their previous articles I'm wondering what happened?)

I think UK is a PAL country isn't it? Did you know that if you sets your shutter speed at 1/50 of 1/25 you don't get the flicker? Oh, well....

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