X-T1 looks mighty interesting, what do you think?

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Re: So many dials, what for?

ThePalindrome wrote:

I don't understand the reason for the three top dials on this camera. It has a front and rear dial and aperture on the lens. This let's the user change all the variables already. What the reason for shutter and ISO dials on top, where it is much harder to reach them?

A simple reason is that it make sit very easy to just glance down at the camera, even while it's switched off, to check that it is set up as you want. That has a knock-on benefit of encouraging experimentation and taking more pictures. It's a subtle "nudge"-type thing that makes a big difference.

I'm guessing you don't drive a stick-shift car? It's kind of like the difference between  a stick-shift and an automatic. If you've ever driven a stick-shift sports car, you would understand better, I think.

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