X-T1 looks mighty interesting, what do you think?

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Re: X-T1 looks mighty interesting, what do you think?

Lets be honest with ourselves. The X-T1 is a very interesting camera. Here are my thoughts:

It is priced very aggressively and clearly targeting the wavering DSLR users and therefore also anyone thinking of getting the E-M1.

Compared to the E-M1, it seems to be just as good or better (IQ), except it does not have a touchscreen, 1/8000 sec, and IBIS. So, at this time, the E-M1 is still a better camera, unless you have to have the very best IQ at the expense of other important features. I don't think the X-T1 is seriously challenging the E-M1 yet. Maybe next year, if the X-T2 also get a touchscreen and 1/8000 sec (and with more XF lenses released), then it will get closer, but it will never have a 5-axis IBIS. Still, it is a very nice camera for those who do not mind the bigger APS-C lenses to get the best IQ.

Compared to the top Panasonic cameras, it is a different story. Panasonic cameras do not have 5-axis IBIS (the IBIS in the GX7 is not the same), and they do not have a large and high quality EVF like the E-M1 or X-T1. So, the Fuji camera looks more attractive to Panasonic users. The main reason left for choosing a GH3 or GH4 is the video taking features, besides the lenses. Fuji is coming out with more and more lenses and they are all excellent lenses.  Maybe Panasonic has seen the light, and is moving as a result towards high end video cameras with 4K?

I have a reservation about Fuji's commitment here in such a camera. Due to Fuji's records, I think it will take another generation for it to be great, i.e. the X-T2 and future models could be what I really want. Fuji has a record of failing to get its first models right. Examples of brilliant cameras released with faults are: X-S1 and X-Pro1. Those are really fantastic cameras and just need to have its faults fixed to be great, but Fuji has not bothered to correct their problems and give us the X-S2 and X-Pro2 even after a long time. So, my question is - Will there be a X-T2? or will it change direction again and show us a X-W1 next time?

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