Any Olympus super-zoom/bridge camera (or old UZI) users thinking of the Fuji S1?

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Henry Falkner
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Olympus has not done a BRIDGE super zoom for a while now -

I currently use the Olympus SH-50 24x zoom pocket P&S in preference to ANY bridge camera.

It does videos from the top of my accordion, with the 5-axis stabilisation hiding MUCH of the whiplash that I had to put up with before. It is small enough to minimise public attention on my camera mount during our Morris dance performances (and THAT is a biggie).

It is small enough to be operated from an economy class aircraft seat.

It also has tolerated inclement weather so far.

It permits up to 12 full-size stills during any video take (used a lot during the Morris Dancing Tour earlier this month).

Still - the Fujifilm S1 does have the 5-axis stabilisation. It is this that makes handheld 1200mm shots practical (based on my experience with 600mm and 2x DZ). With it, the auto-focussing becomes much more reliable and also quicker. 2-axis stabilisation - digital or optical - never worked as well for me as I would have wished, particularly not for video.

The EVF and the tilt screen on the S1 do make bridge cameras look attractive again, particularly for outdoor use (panning with the gannets at Muriwai Beach).

The small 16 MB CMOS sensors we have been getting for about two years have made CCD sensors look like historic artifacts, and the S1 has a 16 MB CMOS sensor. According to my SH-50, firmware writers have now learned to tone down the in-camera processing - there is far less electronic sensor noise to do battle with now.

Providing everything in the S1 hangs together as well as it does in my SH-50 (no features shut out other features as they do in my historic SP-570UZ), the S1 might be the bridge camera to shut out all the current 1200mm zoom bridge cameras.


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