EOSHD : E-M1 vs GH3 for video

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Re: EOSHD : E-M1 vs GH3 for video

rcjim wrote:

A single reviewer says that the E-M1 is the cat's meow in video and now the Oly fanboys are jumping all over this...LOL. The E-M1 is a great stills camera, but when it comes to video, it can't compete with the latest Pany cameras...GH3, G6 and GX7. Check out the below video I recently shot with the GX7.


The E-M1 can't come close to producing such a clean and vivid video as above, especially in indoor environments.

No fanboy here. I have a GX7 and an EM1. I used to have a hacked GH2. No doubt, the Panasonic codec is extremely good and 60p looks incredible. That said, when I shoot low-light with a prime on the GX7, I'm generally disappointed with the result. Simply put, I don't like unstabilized video.  F2.8 is often too slow for my purposes (the fastest stabilized lens in M43). The EM1 is definitely better than previous Olympus cameras and certainly better than many give it credit for. If I were Panasonic, I'd be extremely worried about Olympus improving their codec further.

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