Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: How many nails all together?

gerard boulanger wrote:

Another reason is cost of manufacturing: DSLR needs a mirror, a mechanism, a pentaprism and the optics, therefore room to install it, which means a larger and costly body. And a mirror makes more noise.

Actually, I keep reading this ... mirrorless is cheaper to produce ... but I don't see it. Look at the options consumers have in inexpensive DSLRs. How about CSCs ? Most models with EVFs are close to (or more than) $1000. The Sony NEX-6 is around $650ish for the body only, but that's a discounted price. The Panasonic G6 costs $750 with a basic kit lens. The Sony A3000 is dirt cheap, but is worse than an LCD-only camera with its horrible EVF and LCD.

Mirrorless should offer great bang for the buck, but I'm not seeing it.

The mirror makes noise, but some cameras make less than others, and you can always shoot a DSLR in LV mode. My D7000 has a quiet mode that's much quieter than a NEX. Some bodies (like recent Panasonics ?) have electronic shutter modes that can be problematic with motion artifacts. (I don't recall how quiet the Fuji X series is and don't deny that there is a benefit here, but at this point, I still think most sales are to people who want to downsize; few to people who see CSCs as better).

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