Why is there no love for the HX300..?

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Re: Why is there no love for the HX300..?

Eastern Rosella-pairI see that you are using automatic mode... the constant 1/250 speed and ISO800/1600.
The best way to get good shots is stay away from automatic mode!
Push youself and try new modes! Try using burst mode and choose the best pic at home.
I have found my way to get some usable shots out HX300 and I happy with it.

Thanks Aisse for your suggestion; I usually do opt for A-mode, but in this inst. where you calculate automatic -------------- that was more than likely in Sports Mode.  I have been trying this since the birds often shift quickly as you well know.

I have tried S-mode but then can't get the light into the camera (unless I up the ISO).  It seems Sports does that itself too.

I'll give burst mode a go

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