Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

WaltKnapp wrote:

Been thinking about who might buy A-mount from Sony, they are showing less interest in it than Minolta did in the end. There are a number of photography equipment companies who could do a lot with it.

That is just not true.. and you know it..

Minolta released TWO digital bodies. TWO.  a-mount had for years supported faster quieter focusing technology in its lenses.. how many did they make to use it.. about 3? 4?.. all costing over $1500..

When I first started reading this board.. there was all the moaning about missed rumor dates on the new KM D9 or D7 update that had detailed rumors about it.. Never came.. never saw a body.  And I don't think it was coming.. KM after the 5D was out shopping its camera tech to sell it.

Sony has 4 current bodies listed on their site..  They have released a Dozen or more including FF in the last 8 years .. There are nearly 3 dozen lenses and there are faster, quitter focusing offerings from top to bottom of the system.

The one place Sony pulled back from and I understand your personal frustration.. is they removed that Macro Flash. I get that LED does not match a good Xenon...  But trimming some specialize products is not showing less interest in the mount its less interest in something you love to shoot.. I understand that reaction.. but don't pretend that is "the mount"

I know you hate the idea of the EVF.. have you spent any real time with an A77.. more than dealer touches..

In April I am scheduled to be back at my regular work contract. If that happens as planned. I would be willing to buy you an A77.. to try.. you can send it back to me and I will take the hit on selling it.. or you can keep it and make payments to me that fit your current cash flow no interest.. etc.

as much as we fight.. I like your photography. When you show it here.. . and I seriously believe that if your judgment is based on a few minutes only other EVFs.. and you had it longer  You might like it.

Honest offer Walt..

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