Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

EvilOne wrote:

My suggestion would be sell all your Sony stuff and Old Minolta stuff and then maybe with an additional 5 grand you will be happy with a New Canon system and won't have to bitch about the horrible choice you made staying with Sony. And I'M betting half of your A mount stuff is collecting dust in the closet and you use one camera and a few lenses. Unloading the Amount stuff should be a big load off your shoulders. At least all the negatives about them should be gone and you can go over to Canon with a clean sheet of paper./ And have fun with your photography for the rest of your life because Canon isn't going anywhere. Why continue to put yourself through this torment?

Your loss on the Sony stuff should be offset by all the fun you had with their equipment. after all 5 grand is a drop in the bucket today. it represent a one week trip to Disney for your family. I spent ten grand last year taking my family ( 9 people to Disney ).

BTW I am not being sarcastic in my suggestion. What's the use of bitching about something that you can fix by throwing a little money at it.. Personally , I don't expect to be around next year, so I don't have to worry about what Sony will do. But I expect they will be around for a long time.

I dumped my old stuff, even some of the older digital stuff like the RD175 into the dumpster as part of cleaning up after the fire.  Perfectly good equipment, most of it for film, of no value now. It was kind of a odd and painful experience, but the equipment had served me well and was just occupying space. There is no old stuff collecting dust in my closets now.  I'm down to my current operating system, all of which I do use.  In fact on most forays I have along three Alpha 700s, plus the Sony HX300 and a dozen or more lenses that get used as needed.  Yes there are a few backup things, has to be if working with unsupported equipment. But it's far less than the active stuff.

You must be one of those 1% ers, with all that money to throw around.  Well, I don't have all that money, even $5000 to spend is not there let alone the actual amount it would take to replace my high end system with another brand. Even replacing lost workshop equipment will still be going on for a few years, very limited by money availability.  Like is true of virtually all the population. We don't get to eat cake! And it's certainly time not to help the 1% folks steal more from us either.

And we don't like Disney or other such amusement parks anyway, they are awful.  That would be the last place we would go.  A waste of money for us.

I do expect to be around next year, though in a decade or two it will end for me.  Meanwhile my fun list is longer than many lifetimes, won't get to a fraction of it.  Even if I had money to throw at it.

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