Small-sensor + Long lens combo, is the Nikon 1 the best choice?

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Re: Small-sensor + Long lens combo, is the Nikon 1 the best choice?

LifeIsOnTheWire wrote:

Are there any other cameras that use a common lens mount, with a small sensor? I'm a Nikon fan, but I don't want to have to use a lens mount adapter, and the Nikon V1/V2 don't have good enough manual controls for my taste.

I know the only people that are going to agree with me are bird-watchers, and private detectives... but I think it would be great if Nikon would make a camera with a CX sensor, and an F-mount (instead of having to use an adapter), and give it some decent manual controls.

The only ones I am familiar with that have common lens mounts are the Olympus/Panasonic micro Four thirds cameras (2X equivalent focal length instead of the 2.7X of the Nikon). The Olympus have IBIS in the camera bodies, all the Panasonic except the GX7 need lens OIS for stabilization. All lenses are interchangeable. Unfortunately there are no really fast long telephoto lenses yet (Olympus is supposed to have a 40-150-2.8 sometime this spring). Currently the only fast long telephoto lenses are the DSLR four thirds Olympus lenses which require an adaptor (they are fully automatic) and work on all micro four thirds cameras, but only focus quickly on the Olympus E-M1. While you can get reasonably long (and sharp) with the 50-200 - 2.8-3.5 with the EC14 (283mmn - 566 equivalent at f5) or very long with the slower 70-300-4-5.6 with the EC14 (425mm - equivalent - 850 at f8), this would be far more expensive than the Nikon 1 with its lenses. You could use any of the less expensive micro four thirds cameras with an adaptor and almost any lens which has mechanical focus and aperture controls in a manual only mode. The Olympus IBIS works with legacy lenses.

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