Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Has anyone mentioned tethering -

I have not read through whole thread yet. It Drives me crazy that none of the mirror less systems don't tether with C1 and/or LR . Ideally C1 but even LR would be acceptable. Why is this? Most professional studio photographers I know of use C1 as capture software with tethering and it would be nice to be able to do this with Fuji.

Yes there are workarounds and patches with eyefi / watched folders etc - but nothing that has such a an established work flow from a huge professional user base. I would love to see Fuji or other mirror less systems supported by an established tethering sollution.

I had an Oly e5 4/3rds that was a beauty in everyway (except size- yes still a dslr) but did not tether and I missed that.

I owned and had been testing/using xE2 and some fuji lenses and returned not long ago when I realized x-t1 was just around corner.

I am still on fence if to invest in fuji or not. primarily because of lack of focus speed, size of print from APC vs D800, and lack of tethering. Also - Rental houses in NY support cannon and nikon with full range of lenses - not so easy with Fuj - For that  shoot where you want a lens you don't own.

If I could afford both a d800 and a 100s, xe2 or maybe now xt1 I would buy both.

Not sure where I will land. SLR's tend to be paperweights more than I would like for me but I would also like to be able to tether rather easily and have fast af (maybe xt-1 is as good as my old e5?).

I loved the xe2 - I didn't like having to learn new software and implement new workflow for raw (still the case with xt-1 unless I call LR good enough) , worry over desire (or give up ability) to print larger than 17wide in the near future, and the AF issues with mirrorless.  I cant have it all - yet. Which is too bad cause yet is now and it is past time for me commit to new system.

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