Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Does your camera work?

WaltKnapp wrote:

j900 wrote:

if yes please use it and be done with it. Your contax went on working after contax's death so what?

Those contax's were much more durable and long lived than modern digital cameras. You did notice that the contax shot film, and most types of film are gone. Without film they are worthless and can not work no matter how durable.

Last time I checked Photons are not being phased out, format changed, horded, discontinued etc etc.  The nice thing about digital.. you can keep shooting what you have.. no film to take away..

Being blind to the limited lifetime of modern digital cameras can end up costing you lots of extra money when Sony jumps from system to system with little compatibility between and you supported the abandoned system too long because the new system could not do what the older one can. Even if one continues to use our system we do have to plan the future. Including deciding if Sony has any future with us. Unless we are going to behave like children who think money is limitless. For the majority of adults money is quite limited and getting more limited every day.

The lifetime of the modern Digital camera is most likely better than film for the very reason you stated.  The main aging item is the shutter same as it was for film and in then next few years. they may not need a mechanical shutter.  that will extend the life of the cameras even further..

however.. Sony has not Jumped from System to System... They added a system that has sold well for them.. and grabbed a new segment during its peak growth period.  After 4 years e-mount has just in 2013 reached the same number of lenses Sony was able to relaunch A-mount with 8 years ago.   While building that system.. They made an major innovative shift (I know you don't like) Brought out NEW a-mount cameras in the consumer, enthusiast, and pro-level market segments..

And as of right now are not late on update of any of them...   though I don't given even Canon's rush to make a tiny Rebel there is a good reason to do an A37 level  A-mount again.  It would make sense to do an A57/65 level and then concentrate on the segments that do buy higher margin camera and lenses..  But that is no jumping from.. that is adding to and adapting.

Sony never said it was going to add more niche devices like Macro flashes and some of the things you use.. And I realize you don't like the EVF.. I didn't until I spend some real time over 2 days with it.  Main reason I didn't grab an A77 sooner.. except for price.. wish I had.. its just too much fun to work with.. especially shooting children.. and how I shoot Macro so far, which is something I dabble in compared to the work you do..

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