Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

Wolfgang Fieger wrote:

WaltKnapp wrote:

Wolfgang Fieger wrote:

After that years let's see what path this A-mount might go. Who knows, maybe it makes its way with another brand again...

Been thinking about who might buy A-mount from Sony, they are showing less interest in it than Minolta did in the end. There are a number of photography equipment companies who could do a lot with it.

Think so as well. A great legacy heritage like Minolta never should die. A dream team is Kodak resurrecting and taking over the A-mount. Just phantasizing...

Yes, more than likely we are seeing the last of the Minolta heritage.  It was clear from the beginning that Sony taking over was not a plus.  They never have been able to separate from their Cyber-shot thinking. More and more limiting photography while Minolta's legacy was expanding photography.

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