How do i edit this

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Re: How do i edit this

Victor Engel wrote:

Dareshooter wrote:

Ron AKA wrote:

The metadata shows the flash fired.

OK thanks Ron I stand corrected. Must have been a very weak burst though.

The guide number of the build in flash is low enough that I think you'd have to be about 6 feet away for this kind of lighting. I haven't run the numbers, mind you, but I think it's pretty close. Note the background, which is pretty close to correctly exposed is full sun daylight. The flash would need to match the power of the sun, or at least be within a stop or so. The built-in flash probably simply isn't powerful enough.

ISO was 100 so raising it to 400 would have been beneficial.Having said that I've never had a problem with the built in at that distance.

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