Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

Wolfgang Fieger wrote:

I more than understand how you feel about the system. This fall I really wanted to upgrade from my old A700 and found no other possibility than going for the A99. Much too expensive, but the only choice if it shall be an upgrade without backdraws. So I'm fine for the next few years, I will keep using my Minolta, Tamron and Sigma lens collection. I never owned any Sony lens and probably never will

The A99 is also a FF camera, not the best way to go for my wildlife tele lenses.  In some ways Sony behavior going to FF is probably as much a problem as what they appear to be doing with A mount.

Yep, I do have a excellent system based on the Alpha 700, a mixture of top Sony, Minolta, Canon, Olympus, Zeiss and other brands of lenses to go with it. And the excellent Minolta flash system for macro work as well as the Minolta hot shoe Sony flashes. As long as they don't fail I can ignore Sony's lack of support of the Alpha A mount equipment involved.   Once enough fails I can look for a trustworthy brand that supports it's users for a replacement system, if I can afford it.

After that years let's see what path this A-mount might go. Who knows, maybe it makes its way with another brand again...

Been thinking about who might buy A-mount from Sony, they are showing less interest in it than Minolta did in the end.  There are a number of photography equipment companies who could do a lot with it.

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