Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Re: Reflections are mainly outside the PDAF Area !...

I noted one issue and was thinking the lens was causing the problem not the sensor.
In my case was the voightlander 15mm that shown the UFO´s that can be seen in the attached picture.   I made a series of pictures using different f-stop positions and get different amount of UFO´s

these reflections go in the opposite way as the other shown here.

As the lens is a lens designed for mirrorles, no retrofocus, and with a curved rear element  perhaps the position of the reflections go outer to the frame as the ones taken pointing to the sun directly.

It looks the the problem in this post is the same as mine but a different situation.

I see the f-stop position change the number of rflections and perhaps pointing to the sun interact with the anti- aliasing filter and makes a different moire.

At this point I wonder if we are dealing with a issue as the famous fuji sensor the X10 had.

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