Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: No Walt, the topic is A mount...

Alan_S wrote:

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EvilOne wrote:

There was only One Titanic... there are hundreds of thousands of A mount users and gear out there. I dont think they are about to bail on all those that represent brand loyalty.

They bailed on a700 and a900. It would be more a case of another repeat rather than a first time. Brand loyalty buys you nothing with Sony.

...sorry Walt, but the topic of this thread is A-mount, not your well-documented preference OVF/flipping mirror. The OP actually stated"I don't care if the future A mount bodies have the translucent mirror or not."

The topic is what is happening to A mount, that includes it's history.  Because the history contains where Sony is going.   The Alpha 700 and Alpha 900 were both excellent A mount cameras that are still excellent cameras and were also ALPHAs.   Even if you wish to belittle the most used advanced camera design, the DSLR with it's OVF is what most pros use most of the time, not cameras that are evolving to imitate cell phone cameras.

Had you paid attention to how Sony did with the Alpha 700 in particular you would find Weir saying virtually the same thing he is about A mount that he said about the Alpha 700 back then along with other sony management.  If anything back then they proved that any reassurances from them are worthless.  So when we hear the same behaviour from them why are folks believing them now?

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