Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Enjoy it

contax4ever wrote:

I'm wondering if I spent my money foolishly the past several months on A mount glass: ZA 50mm and the updated versions of the 70-200 and 70-400. I'm sensing more doom and gloom about the future of this mount the past couple of days than I have seen in a long time even though this worry has surfaced on and off in various discussions within the Sony user community for a couple of years now.

-I don't want to use these lenses with an adapter on a Sony e mount body.
-I don't want to sell this equipment to make the jump to Nikon or Canon; I'm not a pro. I use the Sony lenses and bodies because I love the products.
-I don't care if the future A mount bodies have the translucent mirror or not.
-I want to be able to use these lenses NATIVE for many years to come. I'm not big into buying used equipment either though I like keeping what I purchase new for a very long time. Still, I would hope to see multiple, successive generations of the a99 and a77 (though I'm fine if A mount sustains as full frame only).


It was more the rangefinder and medium format systems that died (I don't know which contax you had).  But that's likely to happen with a greater speed these days - I think you'll end up with a lot more than 2 dead systems if you stay alive long enough!!
What about Canon and Minolta manual focus mounts in the 80s, sheet film in the last few years, or how about standard definition (or even CRT) monitors, TVs, etc - in computing IBM became a different company, commodore, sinclair/spectrum, Acorn/BBC, Apricot - even Atari and Sega.
So - stop worrying about buying things for tomorrow and enjoy what you have now - you said that you bought the kit because you like it - so enjoy it while you have it.

You have a pretty complete kit there, look at it a different way - ask what you would like to improve and what you'd be prepared to give up to get it - you'll realise that you've spent the money wisely and be happy as Nikon and Canon don't have a competitor to the 70-400.

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