So why don't people ever talk about the 4/3 aspect ratio?

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Guy Parsons
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What's there to talk about?

Without reading the whole mess of responses.....

topstuff wrote:

I know this is a gear forum, but the 4/3 aspect ratio is a big deal.

To nobody that I'm aware of.

It is not the same as 3/2. It is not the same as a APSC or FF , or really, ANY other camera.

So? What about all the 4:3 pocket cameras?

People come and go on this forum talking about moving to m43 so they have smaller and lighter cameras. People wax lyrical about the EM-1 as The Best Camera Ever, but no-one talks about the aspect ratio.

Well, there's so many choices of aspect ratio to use.

The aspect ratio can make a big difference to photo making. This is a creative thing we are doing, so what is the experience of people here in adapting to 4/3 over 3/2 from a creative standpoint?

I change it as I need.

Was is it hard? Do you find that you have to crop more because the format seems too square? Or do you not notice?

I cannot see any problem.

Or maybe you don't even really think about it and polish your shiny new gear instead?


The 4/3 aspect is a big change for some people.

Then there's no need to shoot only 4:3, use any of the other ratios available. Or go primitive and use only 1:1 ratio.

I am surprised that so little talk of it takes place. Or am I missing something?

Maybe missing the fact that we are photographers and just use the camera the way we need.

Take RAW and then extract any aspect ratio you want by cropping the RAW later. That's Oly of course with always a 4:3 RAW.

In fact I do shoot RAW+jpeg on an E-PL5 and use the full LCD by setting 16:9 ratio for the jpeg, then use the RAWs later to get what I need. Usually 16:9 for landscape (slide shows and the like) and 4:3 for portraits, or maybe 3:2 if known to be printing postcards for an album. For display on the web they are cropped as necessary and could be any ratio.

By the way if you think the name Micro Four Thirds has anything to do with 4:3 ratio, then you are mistaken, the name comes from the fact that the sensor is four thirds of an inch in the weird sensor industry talk.

Regards.... Guy

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