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Re: No, it all depends

Really, there's maybe three things the Olympus needs to have a permanent place in my video life:

1. 24p. I've started shooting 24 fps on my GH3 and I don't want two different frame rates in my shooting.

2. On-screen audio level monitoring. I shoot music events a lot. Gotta know I'm not overloading my mic.

3. Focus peaking. Less important than the other two, though. My GH3 doesn't have this and I do fine.

I had an E-P5 for a while, and there are three things I like about Olympus over Panasonic (for video):

1. I can configure a MySet that is S mode at the proper shutter speed and then it's just a quick mode dial switch to be configured for video, whereas I can't do that in Panasonic because the custom modes don't remember shutter speeds.

2. 5-axis IBIS, obviously.

3. Auto-ISO in M mode. I don't use this that much, though.

So, really, Olympus isn't even that far off IMO when it comes to being a good video tool. A better codec, focus peaking, audio level meters on screen, and 24p/60p options in E-M1 (which are all possible in firmware updates, by the way) and I wouldn't even need a GH3 anymore. I'd probably downgrade to a G6, as I would still need a video body with an articulated screen for tripod and Youtube work, but I'd definitely switch to E-M1 for handheld video.

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