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Re: Another Idea - A Dedicated Monochrome Camera

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If you are really serious about B&W then NEVER do this. Just my opinion. But B&W is something to be done in post processing. You want all the color data at your disposal to be able to have full freedom of the output. Again, my opinion, but the higher resolution you would get by doing a sensor filter conversion is more than offset by the creative freedom you would lose in post.

I I remember the time when people used to previsualise their shots...

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Me too.

Digital has made it easy for clueless people to accidentily take good pics once in awhile.

And I think the art of "previsualizing" is gone. Read though posts on B&W and they talk about "going though the files to see which color shots might work as B&W" etc. People go out and shoot thousands of shots in a day sometimes. I usually shoot less than 20, 30 at the most. I guess this comes from when I shot 4X5 and I had 10 sheets of film for the whole day

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