EOSHD : E-M1 vs GH3 for video

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No, it all depends

The Photo Ninja wrote:

No comparison. I am keeping the em1 for stills and just bought the gh3 - no regrets.

The E-M1 is very good if there is not any panning or highly detailed moving objects such as trees.  You do need to turn down sharpening and use a flat profile too.  The E-M1 also excels at handheld video due to the 5 axis IBIS that adjusts for sensor rotation.  It keeps the image level, something in lens IS can't due.

The GH3 though can shoot at 60p and has a much higher bit-rate. This means for moving objects you get all the detail retained.  Obviously if you are making an independent film or something for broadcast the GH3 is the way to go.  If you are making home movies or need a "b" camera for quick static shots or handheld scenes, the E-M1 offers very good IQ.

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