A quick day out with the Olympus E-M1 and the SONY a7

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Typical of equivalent fanatics

forpetessake wrote:

William Porter wrote:

Daniel Wee wrote:

As I only have the Carl Zeiss 35mm F2.8 on hand, I decided to use the Olympus 17mm F1.8 as a way to bring the match closer. I am aware that as far as depth of field is concerned, the Olympus translates to F3.6 in 35mm terms. Be that as it may, that was the fastest 17mm lens we can readily get so that's what I tested.

Reasonable. I've done much the same thing in my own comparison between the E-M1 and the Sony A850.

Small quibble. Aperture "equivalence" is not a useful concept. The aperture of the Olympus 17 f1.8 doesn't "translate" to anything. With respect to the aperture's most important job — controlling the amount of light that gets to the sensor — f1.7 = f1.7, plain and simple, and it doesn't matter what system the lens was built for.

Here we're going again. Of course, the equivalence is useful, it tells you exactly how the two different formats are related. The Olympus 17mm f/1.8 is equivalent to 34mm f/3.6 in FF in every aspect, and that's what one would observe in real life shooting.

These fanatics keep using words like "exactly" or equal or equivalent. How the heck can they say "exactly" if they are using different aspect ratios! It won't be exact, and it won't be "the same".  And do you really then crop your aspect ratio to make it look like it was from camera "B"???

How often have you gone to take a picture and then said, "first I must decide what focal length and aperture I would use on a full frame camera and then adjust accordingly"?

These are different tools for getting the job done.

And yes! F1.7 = F1.7. You never figure what aperture to use to get the proper exposure and then say, "oh cr@p!" on a Nikon 1 the image may look different!

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