So why don't people ever talk about the 4/3 aspect ratio?

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Re: Why would M4/3 not be good for printing big?

Pic Man wrote:

billy pictura wrote:

Hi Pic Man:

Read your comment on aspect ration, wanted to ask you why you think M4/3 would not be good for printing large prints?

About to take the dive into the Omd Em1 and want to print up to at 20x30's or a little larger at times.



You should be fine at that size, I was thinking very large prints because of resolution. There are better alternatives such as some aspc/ff cameras that have 24 MP or the d800 that has 36 MP. Also if you print really big then you're not going to have any room to crop with lower MP cameras.

Remember though that there is a geometric relationship between the number of pixels and the size you can print when expressed in linear dimensions.

While X2 the pixels means you get x2 the surface area that does not equate to twice the height or twice the width. At some pint into "really big" you become limited more by technique and the proposed viewing environment than you do by pixel density.

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