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Re: DXO scores are like MTF charts

Anders W wrote:

The DxO scores are meant (by DxO) to be comparable across sensor sizes. Whether they actually accomplish that is another matter.

Yes that is the question, to which the answer is "not really".

There is no problem with that. You should simply compare lenses with the same AoV, e.g., 12 mm for MFT versus 24 mm for FF.

Yes but a 150mm lens is not going to behave like a 300mm lens, which is why it's best to just stay within a sensor size when referring to the DXO scores. Based on the lenses I own or have owned, the DXO scores seem to do a decent job of ordering the lenses as to quality in a line (I'd assume a sensor size). They also give you an accurate idea of how the lens behaves at various apertures and FLs. But once you move to comparing lenses designed for different formats the +/- bands enlarge.

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