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Re: I own an A77 and an A7r, plus I owned and used a NEX 7

Alan_S wrote:

Old Pirate wrote:

extensively for 2 years.

If you were to ask me to take a memorable photo this very minute of one of your relatives, and I were to use either one of these three cameras there is no hesitation on my part.

The A7r yields a more pleasing image using the same lens.

In this particular case a CZ 85 1.4.

All three cameras are great, but the A7r consistently offers a more detailed and better toned, and contrasted images than the other two using the exact same lens.

If it were not for my continued enjoyment of wildlife photography as some form of "hunting" I'd sell all my A mount stuff and concentrate on building a complete Zeiss lens base for the A7r and all the FE mounts coming behind it.

Ahhh, good to hear some first-hand experience using both. Which adaptor are you using with the A mount lenses (LA-EA4)? I hear folks saying they don't want to use an adaptor... but, outside of having to buy and use the darn thing (and, I know, no stabilization), is there really any downside to popping an A mount lens onto the adaptor to use it on the A7r?

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- AlanS

None at all Alan - the results are better with my A7r than my A99 as long as the conditions are right.

My A7r has pretty much replaced my A99 in the studio (I wanted a back up that could share lenses) - I am looking forward to some clear days in the UK to get some bird in flight shots with the A7r and 70-400 G2 too.

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