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I also have a nagging feeling that, with Fuji, I'd become a consumer rather than a photographer. It sort-of feels like that niche of the market is still evolving too quickly, and I'll end up having (or wanting) to buy newer, better stuff all the time. Looking at Fuji forums, it seems that everyone cannot wait to replace this Fuji or that Fuji with the next Fuji, and I'm sure that there WILL be a full frame Fuji at some point, which will mean replacing all the lenses too. I can understand the attraction, but I need a bit of stability!


Surely the solution to your GAS is a bit of self control rather than changing system? Nikon is slower is coming up with new cameras/lenses but surely they won't stand still with the D800.

I was a Canon shooter. When I had a APS-C 20D, I wanted a full frame and I bought a 5D mark III, then I was thinking may be I need a smaller body with a tilt screen so I can record video of myself. When I have the great 100mm macro, I wanted the 100m L macro with image stabiliser. When I have the 100m L macro, I wanted the 5:1 macro lens. When I had the 20mm wide angle prime, I wanted the 17-40mm f4 and then I wanted the 16-35mm f2.8...... I gave in to my GAS some of the time but not all the time, otherwise I would be dead broke.

The fact that Fuji is evolving fast doesn't mean we have to buy every new camera out there. We just need what fits our photographic needs. A lot of people are still using and enjoying their X-pro 1 which was released a while back.

Fuji is like Apple. There are some die hard fans who buy every new products, but there are also some apple users who are still using iPhone 3 and old mac.

Your other points are valid and I agree with them, but not sure about this one.

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