D800 Autofocus issues II

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Re: D800 Autofocus issues II

I've read both topics, and there's only one constant: Primeshooter posting half of the threads posts. If one person is responsible for half of the posts, then I don't think that can give statistical proof of wathever he/she is trying to proof. Especially not without pictures to back it up. I'm sorry i'm so blunt, but the more i research this the more I notice, it's just a shout without true proof to back it up. Left AF issue had proof, and many people backing it up with detailed reports. This however seems more like shouting.

Camera's take time to learn. Even if you are a pro. Perhaps the pixel density (and thus change in focus system, even though it's technically same as D700), surprised you and instead to refresh your learn process of a new camera, you stuck with D700 memories, to stubborn to change. Just my opinion at this time. I know you'll ignore it anyway, since you endured many threads to shout about it.

It's like the people claiming Sigma Art focus system sucks. If anything, it's my most accurate lens so far, 35mm F1.4 Art. And yes i believe there are some bad samples. But they are very rare. If you have one it's just bad luck. I think it's same with your D800 (if it's not your user error, wich is a big possiblity as well to be honest). Just bad luck or user error.

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