The Fuji XT-1 is out, and it's making me wonder what's next for Pentax....

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Re: The Fuji XT-1 is out, and it's making me wonder what's next for Pentax....

sgtsween wrote:

viking79 wrote:

Buy what is available today, and not what is rumored. I like Pentax but at the same time I am glad I didn't wait for them to release what I wanted (would still be waiting).

Fuji has some of the best lenses in the market and a very promising line up. Do they offer today what you want out of the system? All your Pentax lenses can of course be used manually with adapters.


I've thought about this. Getting a K to X adaptor for the 8 or so k mount lenses I have. Some of them are MF anways. From what I hear the focus peaking on the XT-1 was implemented really well. Definitely a factor in my decision. As others have noted I'm not sure waiting for a similar product from Pentax would be fruitful as I guess the K mount is not suited for a mirrorless with a compact (thin) body (see K-01, which I have and love.)

Remember that the lens + adapter will make for a long lens protruding in front of the camera. A thin camera is not the best thing for handling those set-up, my NEX-3 is like that and i prefer to use small lenses with the adapter.

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