Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

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Re: Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

nandbytes wrote:

123Mike wrote:

I have the Lowepro Fastpack 200. It's awesome. I really like the double regular backpack as opposed to some of the other ones that seem to think it's cute to put all the weight on just one shoulder.

A slight larger one to carry your laptop as well, is the Fastpack 250.

I can swing it around and access my gear without needing to put anything down. I can do it in a crowd even.

Yeah I couldn't decide between 250 and 350 actually. They are also very cheap compared to other brands.

I got mine through ebay. Costed slightly less than what you pay at the stores. The 350 is *huge* though. If you carry a lot of gear, it might make sense to have another bag that has more of an emphasis on storing quantity, and keep that in the car.

In my case, I really like the 200, because the top half is for baby wipes, diapers, and trail-mix for the wife.

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