So much for the EVF being insufficient for action.....

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Richard wrote:

Greg A A wrote:

Many people don't want to look at the world they are photographing through a small TV set. Try replacing someone's glasses with an electronic viewing screen. Why doesn't Google just replace the entire glasses with an electronic screen? This is why many people prefer their OVF.

I prefer my eye over OVF or EVF, because it looks natural through it. When my eye degrades I prefer to wear contacts or glasses over an electronic eye or monitor and video camera, because it is natural to look through glass. When I look at myself in the mirror, I prefer a mirror over a camera and monitor because it looks more natural.

When you use a mirror, it is a reflection of the object, when you use EVF it is a representation of what a bunch of photosites process and composite into an image then is represented again as a video monitor. It is a representation of a representation.

I prefer to see through optics and a mirror, that is what photography is about.

I wanna represent to you
this representation

of a representer
of a representation
helping you represent
when you're composing
a mental representation
of the representation
of the representation
you see represented
on the screen

so you can scream
with delight when
the represented light
pixels to be pixels in pix
does not give you a fright
if you're scared of reality
now you'll never have to be
now you'll never have to see
any part of reality
you can have everything
represented, everything
pixelated, virtualized away
to a computer game-like
experience, a deliverance
of the burden of the real
keep your one eye pealed
and the other one shut
and the rut and the rut
of the real don't deal
it's gone out of mind
out of sight only light
is the electronic glow
of the represented flow
of photos you'll never
ever have to see again
it will be fine...
you will be fine...

the mirror won't show you
the awful lies
of your body and mind
the mirror the mirror
the curse of the mirror
is broken...
you have awoken
to a new day
a new place
dream my child
you will be fine...

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