Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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mirrorless crusaders

People are on a crusade, but then they "want" to keep it civil? Meaning only use arguments they like--and brand anyone they don't like as "naysayers." It's always "mirrorless will become better," which translated means "IT'S NOT THERE YET."

Why does anyone care what's inside the box as long as it works? You'd think everyone was a vampire, and can't take photos of their friends w/a mirrorless. Its as dumb as asking for a certain processor, a certain battery, a certain sensor. "I want 10 FPS for my sports shooting" is hard to argue with. "I want a 10 layer circuit board on the inside" is meaningless. Performance, not how the d*mn thing is built.

So here's my "civil" answer. Mirroless doesn't have a single advantage. Shorter battery life, similar size for same performance, more expensive. The best it can do is equal a dSLR performance.

Weight and size? The only reason mirrorless appears smaller is because they use cheaper, slower, more plasticity lenses, and smaller sensors. A small sensor dSLR with be within a few ounces of the same mirrorless. Why wouldn't it? A mirror weighs a few ounces, but you need larger batteries to drive the additional electronics for the same life. A wash. There are no magical lenses that violate the rules of physics, no fairy dust for sensors. Small sensor = small lenses = lower performance. If that performance is adequate for you, great, but it's not an apples to apples comparison.

If someone would like a smaller, lower performance system, no argument. There's probably many needs and wants, and indeed, the performance of M43rds may meet many peoples needs. But the word "mirrorless" seems to have acquired a magical meaning in some people's head. One day mirrorless shall rule the world, and I will be happy. I have a dream . . . "

Ha, in 5 years everyone will want shutterless. Some vendor will make a 1/4th size sensor with no shutter and claim it's smaller and lighter. Yeah, mirrorless will be yesterdays fad. Can't have any of those old fashion mechanical shutters. One day shutterless will rule the world. Just you wait and see . . .

Can we please not mention FF or larger sensor. I'd really like to know what is left as an advantage for DSLR?

Fine, but to be fair can we please not mention size and weight, since those aren't photographic performance areas; nothing about what's on the inside; and nothing about what's going to happen in the future (your honor, speculation, I object.) Just pure photographic performance TODAY.

Also, can we please try hard to keep this civil?

Well that's up to you, but kind of hard, since you already gleefully titled your post "two more nails in the dSLR coffin." Guess your biases are showing, aren't they?

And you already used a bad word: naysayer--someone with an aggressively negative attitude. So if I disagree with you, I'm a bad person? I think you're kind of passive-aggressive, asking to keep it civil, while putting your own little digs in right at the start.

Maybe even refrain from judging others opinion and just state our own.

So you don't want a discussion? Sure, meaning you don't get to criticize my response either. And you don't think labeling people who don't agree with you as "naysayers" isn't an opinion?

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