X100S Hypersync with Nikon Flash upto 1/1000

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X100S Hypersync with Nikon Flash upto 1/1000

I have been intrigue by X100S leaf shutter capabilities to sync flash at any speed.  David Hobby wrote about this X100(s) feature that allows us to sync any flash at any speed.  I tried it with my Nikon SB700 on the camera hot shoe and it works well.  I also tried with an extension cable (with Canon hot shoe) and found it works well too.

But I hate cables and have been wanting to overpower the sun wirelessly.  So, I did a little experiment today:

1st experiment: Using PocketWizard radios:

  • I placed my PowerWizard MiniTT1 and AC3 Zone Controller (both for Nikon) on my X100S hot shoe.  
  • Install my Nikon SB700 on FlexTT5
  • Set the flash setting on X100s to External Flash.
  • Set my MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 to Hypersync (both have the latest PW firmware).  Don't use Basic Trigger Mode.
  • Turn on the camera, the radios and the flash (on TTL mode) and voila!! it works.

I started with the highest setting on my AC3 Zone Controller (full flash power) and 1/250 shutter speed.  I gradually increased the shutter speed to 1/1000 and all works flawlessly.  I can't go beyond 1/1000 with this set up though.  I then turned down the flash power wirelessly on the AC3 every 1 stop.  I can see each shot become darker with each stop reduction in flash power.

2nd experiment: Using the Built in Flash Commander:

  • I set my X100S flash to Commander Mode
  • Set the SB700 to Remote SU-4 Mode (Manual)

Everything works all the way to 1/4000 sec.

These information my not be new to many people, but it is a new discovery for me.  Being able to control my flash power remotely (using AC3) is really really cool!.  I did try using two flashes and I can control each flash power output remotely.  Yay!.

I don't like the price of PW radios; but they are indeed miles ahead of other radios.  Some people found the cheap CowboyStudio triggers work upto 1/1000.  But it does not allow you to change the flash power setting remotely.  I tried Phottix Odin (for Canon hot shoe) without any success.

Now I am ready for serious fun to overpower the sun wirelessly with the building ND filter, PW radios and SB700.  Eureka...!

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Fujifilm X100S
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