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Al Downie wrote:

MiWo wrote:

After the freshness wears out and you collect experience with the new gear there’ll always be something it lacks, is not good or could be better at. And you start thinking again…

You may well be right, and that's why this time my main investment is in the best lenses I can afford. Unless Nikon make some drastic change that renders them incompatible with future bodies (!), I expect them to last, and continue to impress me, for many, many years. The D800 is also the best body I can afford just now, but I do expect that'll end up being replaced much sooner than the lenses. Maybe if the Df2 is more like a grown-up version of the X-T1...

For the sake of my sanity I much support your undertaking!

I'm just saying 'been there, done that'. I had a healthy lens set for my Nikon DSLR back in the days, APS-C though, not FF. I had a great macro, I thought would be the light tele/portrait/close-up lens of choice. I had a great fast 50mm eq. I thought would be the ideal jack of all trades and my go to lens. I had a wonderful zoom for travels and convenience that covered all my needs, I thought. I even had a fast focusing tele zoom for nature and a wide zoom for street and architecture. The best glass I could afford and the best there was! …I thought.

Now it’s 5 years and 5 cameras later and I’m still looking for the holy grail

I’m afraid the same COULD happen to you. The 135mm F2 DC – if it’s not the DC function you’re after – will be probably superseded and bested by the rumored Sigma Art 135mm F1.8 or F2. The inevitable Sigma Art 85mm F1.4 will give Nikon’s counterpart a run for its money if Sigma’s last entries are any indication for the future. I don’t know who or what will combat the 16-35mm, but judging from reviews by Thom Hogan or Lenstip, even without a truly outstanding competitor you’ll find it a subpar match for the D800.

I don’t want to discourage you! I hope you’ll be more than happy with your new purchases! I hope they will last you as long as you plan for! And I hope you’ll be able to give up the chase for better gear in favor of pursuing better photography!

It’s just, I don’t believe anyone saying he/she bought new gear and is now sure the new stuff will put an end to his/hers ever returning gear lust. It’s not a breakthrough, contrary, for me it’s another step in the same and wrong direction. It’s the thinking that got me into GAS in the first place. Everyone was writing about how much better their pictures/experience/whatever have become because they bought X or switched to Y. I was too young and too foolish to not embrace that logic…

I think one of the most important steps a photographer can take forward is to stop talking through his gear and start talking trough his vision. That means grabbing whatever camera/lens one has and astonish the viewers with art. And this happens more often if one works on himself and not on what’s inside one’s gear bag.

It’s easier to arrive at this stage if you got talent, because it shines through no matter how bad the IQ of your camera is. Unfortunately I’ve got mostly passion but only a very limited amount of vision. Therefor it’s easier for me to say new gear is what I need to get better instead of admitting the obvious. In rare moments – like this – I do, but after shooting gazillions of frames next weekend I will surely blame my Fuji for the gazillion -1 pictures that lack everything and convince myself the one acceptable photo is the only true representative of my abilities! And of course even this one could be better with better gear

So you don’t get the wrong impression: I DON’T CRITISIZE YOU, I DARE YOU! Proof me wrong, come back in a year and tell us your D800 and 3 lenses still rock your photographic world, your pictures got better and there was and is nothing on offer from your favorite photo dealer that makes you grab for the credit card. I’ll be the first to bow my head and make you my rule model


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