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I've got the 24F2.8 AF-D, 35F2 AF-D and 50F1.8 AF (not D).

I don't like the 24mm much, and never did, on film, DX or FX, but it's worst on FX.   Corners are bad, resolution doesn't seem anything special.

The 35F2 has an extremely sharp center, but soft corners.  However, it's got a nice character in the corners than the 24F2.8, and I've always liked in, on DX or FX.

My 1992 50F1.8 seems pretty sharp, and it tends to have the same issue all my pre-G lenses have - a big dropoff in IQ wide open compared to a stop or two down.   Last spring I ended up replacing all of my older lenses such that I have no screwdrivers left in the bag.   Without a doubt, the newer versions are 'clearer' overall, and particularly have more contrast and sharpness wide open than the older ones.   As a typical example, I shoot my 1995 80-200F2.8 AF-D at no wider than F3.5 generally, because it's very noticeably softer with lower contrast if I shoot F2.8 - F3.5.   My new 70-200 F2.8 is crisp and clear and sharp wide open, though it gets a tad better stopped down.

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