Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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K E Hoffman wrote:

tqlla wrote:

Long winded insults and personal attacks do not bolster your argument. It does the opposite. It shows that you are insecure in what you are saying. You could have trimmed your post down to this and had the same amount of info.

  1. 3 of those lenses were rebuilds of old lenses. The lenses also support Emount via adapter.  The lenses are priced ridiculously higher than Canon and Nikon.
  2. No one here says that Sony isnt supporting "Advanced Cameras" anymore. Those of us who are concerned are worried about the Amount.  You are concluding that the Emounts are "Not advanced enough for Pros".  Unfortunately, I dont think Sony feels the same.
  3. Why was Sony at the PPA? Most likely to showcase the A7/A7r and throw some dirt on the A99. Was this 2 page ad in the PPA booklet, not enough to convince you? PPA P38-39 
  4. When did I say anything about their loaner process? 
  5. Sony is committed to the Amount system.... via adapter.
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