Dynamic range and RAW file "bit depth"

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Re: Magic Lantern & analog clipping

If it can be corrected using a smooth 3-parameter spline, how hard can it be to estimate those parameters automatically/manually using exposure bracketing?

Not too hard, but why would the cameramaker opt to take blame for user errors?

What it the consequence of recording data at the non-linear region and doing nothing to invert it (is that not sort of what film cameras used to do?)

Film cameras never did it. Shoulder is born in development, latent image is fairly linear. The problem is that white balance can't be applied in a "traditional" way to non-linear portions of the curve. Non-neutral highlights are a serious problem.

Anything that is "per camera", I would suspect also to (possibly) depend on temperature, exposure time, moon phase and what not?

In those cameras where they do it the temperature is one of the parameters. Exposure time should not affect it.

Is this simply from the behaviour of a diode near saturation,

Yes it is.

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