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Re: Here's The "Party Trick" Explained

Timur Born wrote:

I didn't write "work on the JPGs", I wrote "use in-camera JPG settings". That's a huge difference. There are settings for highlights and shadows that allow some control over how the raw data is interpreted to JPGs in-camera. Not as sophisticated as with current Olympus MFT cameras, but available to some extend.

People who use their EXR cameras as point & shoot won't care about raw development regardless of the supposed benefits. People who have control over their exposures may benefit from a raw workflow, but the more experienced and skilled they are the less they won't need it. All within the boundaries of the specific camera of course.

I've concentrated on bringing my X10 and X-S1 jpeg work up to a high success rate, by jiggling highlight and shadow settings. It has been a highly complex undertaking because of the way tonal curves tend to change along with changes in ISO and DR, notwithstanding L and M issues. Generally, I find that softening highlights and shadows in varying degrees can bring me close to comparable results using in-camera raw-to-jpeg conversions after the shoots. It's two ways to achieve the same outcome. Sometimes the softening happens for me in a scene, i.e., as clouds roll in or shooting moves into a building with soft indoor lighting. The variables can explode in a situation like travel photography. Then, if it's not critical shooting I switch to EXR Auto. Outside of the overexposure bug in Auto EXR DR, it rarely fails.

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