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Re: Going back to DSLR...

The D800 and 3 lenses you just bought makes you feel like less of a consumer and more of a photographer?



Did you read his post? He expects the Nikon setup to last a very long time without wanting to upgrade, which I think is reasonable. DSLR have reached a stable point where the quality and features are good enough for the next 5-10 years. I can't imagine myself needing more than 36MP or ISO6400 or 14stops DR. Fuji has just started and is volatile, no one knows what it will evolve into in the next 5 years.

Yes, I did read his post.

Whether it suits your style of photography or not how often has Fuji replaced the X Pro 1 which was the first X mount body? (It hasn't)

How often has it replaced any of it's X mount bodies? (Once {XE2})

How well had it supported it's users with updates instead of new bodies? (Better than any other manufacturer)

What did Nikon do when the D600 buyers had a problem with their new FF cameras? They launched the D610 with modifications that rectified the issue and if D600 owners wanted it they could always buy it.

Many of the OP's reasons for changing to a D800 are valid but let's not pretend that owning a FF DSLR Nikon makes anybody more of a photographer and less of a consumer, please.


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