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Re: Going back to DSLR...

Congrats on your purchase, the D800 definitely is an outstanding camera.

I also wish you good luck with the plan of keeping the same camera and lenses for at least 5 years!

Truth to be told though, although currently a disruptive and revolutionary DSLR is nowhere in sight, it’ll probably come eventually. So few innovations from CaNikon in the last couple of years must mean they’re working on something big, I think.

Besides, if you’ve liked your Fuji’s IQ and the lenses you had, why did you feel such an urge to watch out for the newest and greatest and shopped around? And why do you think your new toy will suppress this urge in the future?

Unfortunately, we live in a consumption-driven world where the new toy is only so long the greatest until a newer one comes along… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing you, as the Gear Acquisition Syndrome is no stranger to me, too. I’ve learned my lesson, however. I’m in no way cured from GAS but I’m not delusional either that buying something new for my current gear or switching to a totally different system is the right medicine.

After the freshness wears out and you collect experience with the new gear there’ll always be something it lacks, is not good or could be better at. And you start thinking again… Options are plenty and marketers do the best they can to let you know about all of them. I think, if you want to cure GAS, you need to come to peace with what you have and not try to fight it with spending more money.

BUT STILL, best luck with fulfilling your resolution. If you can succeed that means there’s still hope for me

May the force be with you,


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