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Al Downie wrote:

I've just ordered a Nikon D800 and three Nikkors (85mm f1.4G, 135mm f2DC, 16-35mm f4G) and might buy the Sigma 50mm when it's released, if the price/performance is anything like their 35mm model.

Best of luck to you all - hope you continue to enjoy the Fuji journey!


Totally understand your reasons as the three lenses you've listed are pretty amazing and the quality of images from the D800 are stunning. I currently only have the XM1 as it's my first dip into the Fuji market but so far I love it as a carry about camera. Small, light and very good image quality. However at the moment I'm reluctant to let my Nikon gear go because I'm extremely happy with the performance and image quality I'm getting from my Nikon D7100 and lens selection.
In the next 6-12 months I can see me getting more Fuji gear though to compliment my Nikon gear. The XT-1 looks very impressive but I also love the look of all the Fuji X cameras. I'll probably get me either a second hand xe1 or xpro1 in the next 6 months to further enhance my Fuji experience.
I also feel for me the D7100 will last me the next 5 years. I can easily print images at 24"x18" without seeing any artifacts and that's certainly good enough for me on the dslr side of things. I've also ordered myself a fotodiox adapter so I can use my Nikon lenses on Fuji bodies and with the focus peaking, makes manual focus fun and easy.
Good luck with your new D800

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