Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: HDR the easiest fix

ellioto1 wrote:

I have the d800 and d3.  The thing that I always miss and is the easiest fix in the world, is To have a more robust exposure bracketing for HDR....Being able to bracket one stop on each side is worthless.  They should have at least 3+ and -3, preferably 4 and 4.  They would also be king of the hill, if you can do -2, 0, +2 a five stop bracket with three shots.

Right now the d800 and the magnificent 14-24 is the best hdr combination.  With the fuji upcoming 10-24 lens and even the 14mm, I wouldn't have to bring the d800 with.

IMHO, this is many, many multiples more important an issue, easy to fix in firmware and would have the #1 biggest incentive for HDR guys to move over.  Fuji I hope you are listening.



I vote too for an improvement to the bracket/HDR function. For me the EV step needs to be increased to 2EV or even 3. and there should be no issue allowing 5 or 9 shot bracket as well.
But at least we know Fuji do listen and improve products.
But the D800 is interesting in this respect as it only allows 1EV steps, which in my view is a little limited for a 3 shot HDR.

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