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Szia Antal,

Antal I Kozma wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

The D800(E) is not a family snapshot camera.


It is a professional tool that has it's feet clearly planted in MF territory.

No, it isn't MF, it is just FF with a 36MP sensor.

If you want a snapshot camera, buy a point and shoot.

Why? What would a P&S do better than the D800?

Many people draw their swords over the subject of the D800. Is it a 'pro" camera, is it an "advanced amateur " camera? Is if for family events or only for serious pro work?

Excerpt from Nikon:

"Meet the Nikon D800, a 36.3 megapixel FX-format HD-SLR for professional photographers who require end results of the highest quality,"

This is slightly different than they had in various publications some time ago when the D800/E were portrayed as semi pro/ serious amateur camera.

However, as it turned out the D800/E series has become a mainstream professional tool. From portraiture through landscape to product photography many professionals adopted them for work where MF digital cameras are not the best choice. Also, there is a lot of work that simply do not require MF but can take good use of the mobility, extreme choice of lenses, high DR range, high ISO usability of the D800/E cameras.

So, I do not see the validity of an argument that the D800 is not a professional tool because it is not MF. MF is definitely geared towards professional work primarily, just like in film days. However, we used 35 mm top tier cameras for pro work in film days too. The choice had to be made by the photographer based on the nature of the job. It is the same today. Some jobs cannot be done without a Phase One or similar, others simply do not need more than a D4 or EOS 5D Mark II. Whatever.

All this said, the D800/E cameras can be just as good family and travel images as they are for paid work. Even a MF camera can be good for snapshots if one can afford it. I bet that more well to do people own Leica S2 cameras than working professionals.

On the other hand, if the user of the camera, D800/E, is not up on sound photographic techniques and post processing skills then the D800 may not be the best choice for snapshots. In that case a simpler more consumer oriented camera would serve the person better.

Cheers to all, AIK

Perhaps you misunderstood me. I did not mean that the D800 was NOT a professional camera. I meant that it is NOT MF, just FF. Of course, it can be used for anything, even shooting only ones own kids and family with. It is up to the one who is paying for it to decide what he/she wants to use it for and is not reserved for any privileged group or type of use/user.

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