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You are still on a high horse

G3User wrote:

What I was saying is that photography has become a do it your self activity and that's why it's dying. No need to hire a pro if you can just buy a camera and start shooting and praying. Yes, it's people like this that are killing photography off. They buy a camera because they have the disposable income thinking that money will buy them great images.

Well, take a reality check. That argument is just total BS. Blaming amateurs for the failure of other amateurs calling themselves "professionals" is wrong. Photography has always been full of amateurs. The difference is that there are many people today with totally unrealistic dreams about photography as trade. They believe it is enough to buy a camera and a computer, put up a sign and start a web site to be successful and well paid photographer. Well, that's not enough to start ANY business. Running a business demands a lot more than that, and when they realize that they failed they blame others for their failures.

Sorry to say, but the number of "professional" photographers far, far outnumbering the market demand. Blame digital photography and the Internet, because that is what makes them believe that starting up a business is easy and that is what makes them start a business. With film it was different, demanded much greater steps from those who intended starting up, so only the really devoted and the best started up and called themselves "professionals". Now, every second one with a camera is trying to pretend that they are pro... That's the problem, not that amateurs are buying system cameras. Amateurs bought system cameras and every other type of cameras ever since I was born 58 years ago, and long before that, starting with the Brownie. To blame those people is just pure nonsense. Another thing is that everybody seems to dream about "the big bucks" they can make with their photography, and when they can't get the business run as they have dreamed, they start blaming others.

You are still on a high horse because you blame others. Perhaps you are also just a dreamer, mislead by some people or by yourself to believe that you will be rich without efforts and now that you realize this is not happening you blame us, the amateurs, I don't know. But regardless of which, you are TOTALLY wrong. If your business is doing bad that is because the competition is too strong for you, or you are approaching your market and the customers the wrong way or your work is simply not good enough, or, what is also not uncommon, you simply don't know how to run a business. Remember that even if you are a top photographer with great artistic and technical abilities to create stunning images you need to run a business, and running a business demands a different knowledge, not directly related to photography.

Stop blaming the amateurs. If a person wants to buy a DSLR and all he does is shooting his kids or cats, that doesn't really make any difference for you or anyone else. The same person still wouldn't have hired a pro to have him running around shooting the same stuff anyway, so why would it make a difference if he goes out and buys his own camera, whatever that may be, just to shoot his family or pets any time he likes? This was the case ALL the time. Really, nothing changed except that the number of images increased.

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