Going back to DSLR...

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Re: Going back to DSLR...

If you wanted a DSLR again why did you pick FF over APS-C options like a D7100 Or Canon EOS 70, Or even the Panasonic GH-3 that has great AF and fast OEM glass options for a mirror-Less camera and does video well.

12-35 and 35-100 2.8, unless you have to have the sensor as a deal breaker?

i think the better solution would be keep the Fuji with one or two lenses and buy a DSLR for specific telephoto of fast action stuff. Fuji can handle portraits and landscapes very very well and makes for a easier day trip.

I bet you grab your x100 sooner than later and the D800 less if the subject matter does not matter, meaning either camera can get the shot, take the compact.

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