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Re: Here's The "Party Trick" Explained

NIK11 wrote:


Now that have had more time to digest the above, let me comment.

Firstly a great presentation showing the relationship between the electronic graph and what you actually see.

Secondly, you've moved the discussion onto your favourite hobby horse - RAW.

I was actually focusing entirely on the JPEG results, which to my eyes are just not good when using DR above 100 on a high contrast scene (which is what DR was designed for).

Thirdly, I don't think this clearly demonstrates significantly better DR from RAW.

It shows that RAW retains full, uncompressed highlights.

The only way for ooc JPEGs to do that is to under-expose by 1.5 to 2EV

But it does show that RAW can sometimes offer more detail and PP choices. In this case you have shown how some of the blue channel gets clipped in jpeg but not RAW. I wonder what would happen if you showed a different scene of say woods/trees with sun streaming through and vey little 'blue' information? Would the blue channel still clip or is it scene specific?

It's entirely scene and exposure-level specific as to which channel clips first.  Eventually the RAW clips as well.

Finally, as has been said before, it could be that Silkypix grabs a bit more data from RAW than does PSE11 that I use.

Actually PS or ACR handle clipped and crushed highlights better than Silkypix.  I recently had to buy PSE so that I could get a smooth roll-off of clipping highlights on some images I  worked on.

Whatever the answers, I shall happily stick with jpeg DR400, and you with RAW.

Glad you enjoyed the series.  Thanks for dropping in. 

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