EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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Re: the data is there when it should be, and not when it should not ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

The 2/3" sensor is poorly supported for RAW. I have not noticed that specific issue, but I have noticed that getting images to look sharp is much more difficult than it should be. To me, it is never worth shooting the 2/3" sensor in RAW, as the JPEG engines often do a better job than can be accomplished with Lightroom.

Was harder to get sharp L size images in older LR versions, but easier now. M size is standard Bayer pattern and usually is no problem for sharpness anyway.

On the other hand, the XTrans and 1/2" EXR sensors do not suffer that problem in my experience.

XTrans suffers its own problems in form of ugly artifacts and swapped corner pixels with Lightroom's demosaicing. More sharpness usually means more artifacts, albeit again the behavior has changed to the better with newer versions of LR.

I don't see why 1/2" EXR sensors should work any different from 2/3" ones in Lightroom other than Adobe having implemented something for newer EXR cameras that they forgot to put in for the older ones as well. In any case the newer versions of LR allows L size EXR sharpness very close to JPG output. And LR's demosaicing isn't the best out there anyway, for my Olympus MFT cameras (Bayer) I get more fine resolution detail out of RawTherapee (best) and DxO (second best) than LR (last), didn't check CO and Aperture. LR has a tendency for maze artifacts that then are smeared away by internally applying BayerGreenSplit.

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