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Anders W wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

Dr_Jon wrote:

I was just saying you don't know the lens resolution so it's no lp/mm on the sensor but lp/mm the sensor can resolve with that lens. A Canon 500 f4 might resolve 120 lp/mm on a sensor, but no-one has a sensor to see that (so it isn't relevant yet).

Cameras like the E-M1 and D7100 have almost the same pixel size/density, and both are without AA-filter. Could be used to compare the resolution of mFT and Nikon FF/APS-C lenses measured in lp/mm (think that the D7100 should have app. 26mp in order to make it a totally fair comparison).

Sure you can do that but in what sense would such a comparison be "fair"? In my view, it would be just as unfair (in the opposite direction) as one where we'd compare resolution in lp/mm without taking the size of the image circle into account. To me, a fair comparison is one where we measure lens resolution on a per-image basis using sensors with the same per-image resolution.

It would be 'fair' as a pure lens (not system) comparison. Like testing the lenses on an optical bench. It's often claimed that mFT lenses are sharper than FF/APS-C lenses, which I believe is correct, but we don't really know, so think that such a lp/mm comparison could be interesting.

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