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Re: Roman and Rservello

RomanJohnston wrote:

Alan Brown wrote:

I think you are both right.. it semantics

In camera conversion is not going to fit all circumstances.. even if you do like the output mostly

However, you could shoot in B&W.. that gives you the advantage of seeing the tones on the LCD at least. where the contrast is lying...

Rservello is saying that you are not tied to those exposures if you shoot RAW.. that's his point (I think)

I think you're both right..

If you ever attended Vincent's workshop and his conversion techniques, the in camera conversion or auto conversion from ACR does not take into account half the information you just recorded. Your throwing out the baby AND the bathwater. I could never go back now and just do a straight conversion.

Not true.

Roman, it seems you aren't aware that shooting in black and white mode and saving a raw file records all the colour data - you have the option to work with the camera conversion or start again from the full colour info in post processing.

Some people find it invaluable for assessing tonality on location.

I don't use it, but I believe there are options for controlling the conversion including uploading custom profiles to your camera, so you aren't tied to some lab derived algorithm.

My argument for using his conversion method have nothing to do with exposure. It has to do with subtle tonalities that would be lost in a straight conversion actually having some weight in the end product. That is why I am having a hard time understanding his comment. Its a lot like saying....The leave are green because dogs bark at the moon....lol. His arguments don't even become slightly relevant to the topic of why I recommended what I recommended. That's why I am here scratching my head.

Totally appreciate you trying to explain..but I think you confused me even more.

I hope this clarifies it for you - you can shoot black and white and keep both the baby and the bathwater.


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