So why don't people ever talk about the 4/3 aspect ratio?

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Re: So why don't people ever talk about the 4/3 aspect ratio?

topstuff wrote:

I know this is a gear forum, but the 4/3 aspect ratio is a big deal.

It is not the same as 3/2. It is not the same as a APSC or FF , or really, ANY other camera.

People come and go on this forum talking about moving to m43 so they have smaller and lighter cameras. People wax lyrical about the EM-1 as The Best Camera Ever, but no-one talks about the aspect ratio.

The aspect ratio can make a big difference to photo making. This is a creative thing we are doing, so what is the experience of people here in adapting to 4/3 over 3/2 from a creative standpoint?

Which is why you should change it according to the type of composition you want. Staying at 3:2 is uncreative if you think about it.

Was is it hard? Do you find that you have to crop more because the format seems too square? Or do you not notice?

I sometimes find it a bit square for landscape shots but that's it.

Or maybe you don't even really think about it and polish your shiny new gear instead?

The 4/3 aspect is a big change for some people.

I am surprised that so little talk of it takes place. Or am I missing something?

You can change it. Every M43 camera gives you the option to change to 3:2, 16:9 and 1:1. A 16 MP camera cropped to 3:2 becomes a 14 MP camera and 12MP camera at 16:9. It's not really going to make a massive difference as even 12 MP is plenty for most people. If you're the kind of person who prints really big then M43 is the wrong choice for you anyway.

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